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Maccabi Inclusion

Friendship Circle is the partner for Maccabi Youth NSW to create opportunities for inclusion. Some of our joint efforts include:
Organizing sports days with Maccabi Youth teams; 
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Facilitating and supporting children with special needs to join Maccabi Mega Camps;
Facilitating and supporting teens with special needs to participate in Maccabi Junior Carnival in Sydney.
More info: Maccabi Junior Carnival runs every summer holidays. For one week, Jewish teens from across Australia and New Zealand get together for sports, social events, volunteering days and other fun stuff. The Carnival alternates between Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Auckland; and this year the carnival is in Sydney - running January 12 to January 19th. Maccabi will be working with Friendship Circle to make this opportunity available for Jewish teens with special needs. More details regarding Maccabi Carnival can be found here.