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Friendship Bakery

The Friendship Bakery from Jessica Lorge on Vimeo.

Welcome to Sydney's most loving bakery!

Friendship Bakery is a social enterprise that aims to empower young people living with disability by challenging them to take on the responsibilities of creating and selling their own baked products. Participants  work alongside professional French baker Jesse Meguideche and his team at Jesse's Le Petit Patissier Kosher Bakery. They are involved in the challah baking process from start to finish, operating all the machines, braiding and forming the challahs into the loaves we all love to eat every Shabbat. sale of challahs to cover the cost of running the program including allocating part of the revenue to the participants with special needs.

The project is powered by a team of volunteers who assist and coordinate the planning, marketing, production, delivery, and bookkeeping roles involved in running a small business. The entire team is excited to involve the young adults with special needs beyond just the challah production. They hope to engage the bakers in as much of the business as possible, from brainstorming marketing ideas to collecting customer feedback; to give the bakers a sense of ownership and pride in their work.

“It’s about giving people with special needs an experience which they don’t typically get,” Chana said.  “Young adults with special needs feel great coming to the bakery. They love feeling part of the team and doing their part in producing a beautiful product. Our bakers all connect with food and especially challah which holds so many warm memories.”

Challahs can be ordered online for $18 at Friendship Bakery only makes to order so orders must be in by Thursday morning. The challahs come presented in a beautiful calico gift bag with a gift tag. They  are certified kosher under the Kashrut Authority and make a perfect Shabbat present. Pick up your order at Party Central in Rose Bay or you can choose a home delivery within the area. All the proceeds go back into the Friendship Bakery’s activities. To learn more about this project or to check out photos of the Friendship Bakery in action like us on facebook